The shirt of the month from Bizarre Beasts is a black t-shirt with the illustration of a millipede in shades of green with a light yellow orb around its head.

Shirt of the Month - Millipede

By: Bizarre Beasts

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If I asked you to name an animal that could stop a train, you probably wouldn’t guess millipedes. But that, at least on the Japanese island of Honshu, is the answer. These ‘train millipedes’ used to appear in huge swarms that covered train tracks, stopping traffic. And they’d do this every eight years, like the non-insect version of periodical cicadas. If you want to tell millipedes apart from centipedes, millipedes tend to have rounded bodies, two pairs of legs per body segment, and short antennae, while centipedes tend to have flattened bodies, a single pair of legs on each segment, and long antennae.

Printed on Bella + Canvas apparel

100% Cotton

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