Abraham Lincoln "Choose Kindness" Poster

Abraham Lincoln "Choose Kindness" Poster

By: Brad Meltzer

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Size: 11" x 17"

Limited edition run of 250 only. Hand numbered. Printed in America.
Prints measure 11x17", on archival Epson Ultrachrome ink, on Cold Press Natural watercolor paper.

Text on poster reads: When Abraham Lincoln was ten years old, he saw a group of boys playing with turtles.  Little Lincoln loved animals, so he ran over, excited.  When he got there, he saw they weren’t playing with the turtles.  They were putting hot coals on the turtles.  They were hurting those turtles. At that moment, Abraham Lincoln had to decide what to do.  When you’re ten years old, or forty years old, sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing.  But someone has to. That day, Lincoln saved those turtles.  In life, strength can take many forms. But there’s nothing quite as strong as standing up for someone who needs it.

Art by Chris Eliopoulos