Two sheets with 4 stickers on a pink background with white coffee mugs - by Drawfee
One sticker sheet with 4 stickers. The top left sticker says "that's art baby!" and has 4 humanoid blob characters. Middle left is one of the characters gesturing and middle right is one of the characters in front of a fire with the word "room." On the bottom is all 4 characters in between the letters of the word "sorry"- by Drawfee
One sticker sheet with 4 stickers. On the top left is a computer pop-up window with a cartoon head and the words "content is king and we are but its humble bitches." On the top right is a speech bubble with the red text "we're sorry." In the middle is a drawing of a clown and the words "the fool." On the bottom is a sticker that says "life is pain and suffering, what's up?" and has a drawing of a happy ghost - by Drawfee

Drawfee Quote Sticker Sheet Set

By: Drawfee

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Set of two 4" x 6" sticker sheets. 

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