It Was Walpole Shirt (Uni + Curved Fits)

It Was Walpole Shirt (Uni + Curved Fits)

By: Extra Credits

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We've all heard that history repeats, but what if it repeats for a reason? What if there's someone pulling the strings, and it's not some Illuminati-esque shadow cabal but a single man who always stacks the timeline in his favor?

What if all along... It was Walpole?
On Extra History, we've covered events from many continents and many eras, but no matter where we go or how far back in history we look, Robert Walpole - publicly known as the first Prime Minister of Great Britain - connects to all of them. Who pumped up the tax on tea that led to the First Opium War in China? Walpole. Who nurtured the career of a young historian who would go on to write the most expansive text on Justinian's famous but under-appreciated general, Belisarius? Walpole.
So the next time you read about strange coincidences or unlikely choices made in historical times or even the modern day, don't ask why. Because you know why:
It. Was. Walpole.

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