An image for the Newest Olympian Live Show showing someone holding a basketball, in front of skyscrapers, with a cape and pigeons flying around.

The Newest Olympian SIGNED Poster

By: The Newest Olympian

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Size: 11" x 17"

It's the essence of the podcast, now yours in a neat 11x17" rectangle! This poster, designed by TNO guest Sarah Barra, features Schubes dressed in Hades (the video game) garb with a basketball in one hand and a microphone in the other, surrounded by majestic pigeons in front of the iconic NYC skyline. And on top of all this, the poster is SIGNED BY MIKE SCHUBERT HIMSELF USING A CELESTIAL BRONZE (shiny gold) SHARPIE! These posters will not be restocked, so get yours before they're gone! 

11x17", silk printed paper

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