Jetpack Unicorn Game

Jetpack Unicorn Game

By: Kristina Horner

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Made by Kristina Horner and Joe Homes.

[The World Needs a] Jetpack Unicorn is an absurdly entertaining party game in which you demonstrate to your friends, family, or random people in line at conventions that you're awesome.

Each player is given the task of convincing someone else that certain crazy subjects - such as glitter monsters or magnetic hands - are better, worse, or just plain weirder than others. If you can successfully do this and earn the most points, you win and get to demand that all of your friends do everything you say for the next 24 hours...

Ok, that's not really true. Turns out we can't force mind control on your opponents, but at least you win the game! Every time you play will be different, because the players get to change the story depending on which transmog words are paired with each question.

Jetpack Unicorn is easy enough for beginners to pick up, but it'll keep even the most advanced storytellers entertained for hours on end!

Box contains:

Game Rules
100 Question Cards
150 Transmog Cards
15 Round Tracking Cards