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No Capes: A D&D Reskinning and Superhero Guide
No Capes: A D&D Reskinning and Superhero Guide

No Capes: A D&D Reskinning and Superhero Guide

By: Join The Party

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D&D is the most popular role-playing game in the world, but not everyone wants to run a high-fantasy campaign. What if you want to play within a modern world, populated by superheroes? This guide, written by Join the Party Dungeon Master Eric Silver, can help you on your way as you flesh out your powered world!

This guide is perfect for DMs looking to expand outside of the high fantasy genre, players looking for exciting subclasses, and newcomers to D&D who are getting their heads around core differences of each class.

This 49-page guide includes:
  • Breakdowns of every class and their superhero parallels
  • 7 new subclasses for your superhero game
  • 13 new consumable items created by the mad scientist Dr. Morrow
  • A deep dive into the mechanics of re-skinning, no matter the genre
  • RPG CityPlanner, a full collaborative world-building game that can be used as an addition to any system
  • And more!
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