Cicada plushie and three small bug plushies in green, blue and purple with sequins

Cicada x Bug Blind Box Plushie Bundle

By: Tyler Thrasher

Regular price $45.00 Sale $53.00

Bundle includes 1 Cicada Plushie and 1 of 3 possible Bug Plushie Designs

Cicada Plushie

This plushie is a scientific homage to one of Tyler Thrasher’s favorite insects, the cicada. This two-in-one plushie features the insect in two separate stages, with the adult cicada molting from its previous shell. The adult cicada fits perfectly in its shell and is easy to reinsert and take out.

Use code BroodX for orders of 20 or more to receive our wholesale pricing of $16 each. 

*Not recommended for children under 4 years old. 

Bug Blind Box

Order contains one of three possible bug plushie designs. If you order multiple we cannot guarantee that you won't receive a duplicate of the same design. 

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