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Vertical rectangular poster showing the geological timescale of life on Earth with different drawings of animals with each era. Background is ocean blue with clouds in each of the corners of the poster. “Eons” is written in white sans serif font at the top left of the poster - from Eons

Eons Poster

By: Eons

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Size: 18" x 24"
Introducing the first poster from PBS Eons!
Take a journey through 635 million years of natural history without ever leaving your room, and explore the wonders of ancient life. Doesn't your wall need a fuzzy T. rex on it? Uh, yeah! How about Dimetrodon? Of course. And Ediacaran biota? How have you even made it this long without them?!
This poster depicting 14 periods of life on Earth was designed by Studio 252mya, whose beautiful illustrations are a staple of the channel. 
18" x 24"
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