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SIGNED Sexplanations Want/Will/Won't Poster

SIGNED Sexplanations Want/Will/Won't Poster

By: Sexplanations

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Size: 18" x 24"

This poster includes both of Lindsey’s signatures (including the one that looks like a sperm) and some playful sticky notes already filled out.

Text in black area:

Want/Will/Won’t Lists exist because we need a simple way to guide sexuality. It serves as an aid to navigate what is ideal, common, and nonconsensual in whatever context you use it.

Want is the ideal situation. Your ambitions. Will is like a common ground. You’re open to it, you’ll try it out, you’ll participate but it isn’t necessarily what gets you going. And won’t, these are the hard limits, the absolutely nots.

Aim for thirty items per heading. When you can’t think of something to add, do research. Ask people you respect for suggestions. Go to the index of a book on the subject. You’re not just trying to organize your thoughts; you’re pushing yourself to think more.

Finally, give yourself permission to re-write or alter the lists. (Not because someone is bullying you). Because you’re not stagnant or finished. Some decisions may be solid and stable; others might call for more exploration. Stay updated and curious.

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