A set of green tarot cards with five of the cards facing up laid out in a cross. Each card has a different picture of a person or persons on it. From Spirits.
A set up tarot cards fanned out in a semi circle on a dark table. From Spirits.
Three tarot cards fanned out in a semi circle on a dark table with a shell and jar with twinkle lights. From Spirits.
Many overlapping, face up tarot cards all featuring different art. From Spirits.

Spirits Tarot Card Set

By: Spirits

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As promised, Spirits Tarot - The Major Arcana, is finally here! Check out this set of 22 cards with individual illustrations from folklore across the world. This is a small batch printing, so make sure you grab a set before they're gone!

Illustrated by Zoe Polando Ryder

This set includes 22 Major Arcana cards in a tuck box.

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