The Valleyfolk

The Valleyfolk is the lovechild of Joe Bereta, Steve Zaragoza, Elliott Morgan, and Lee Newton, the four comedians who birthed SourceFed and raised it into a dapper, well-mannered YouTube channel. In 2018, they got the gang back together in an effort to bring laughter, friendship, and insanity to the masses. The Valleyfolk is a multi-platform comedy production company that utilizes the support of an absolutely wonderful, insanely devoted audience to create podcasts, shows, comedy specials, sketches, and so much more. The Valleyfolk is also four friends who’ve decided to create some magic together, and hopefully that’s what brought you here. So, welcome, dear viewer. Please, sip the elixirs, sample the mead, and if you’d like to purchase something, all proceeds will go toward spreading our weird wizardry across all the land.