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Closed green book showing the spine and cover. On the spine, in gold serif front reads “Grow A Damn” and in gold sans serif font reads “Tyler Thrasher.” On the cover, a gold circle surrounds an embossed image of a fern with roots - from Tyler Thrasher

Grow a Damn 2nd Edition Hardcover: Fern

By: Tyler Thrasher

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Size: 11" x 17"

So I decided to make a plant journal. THE plant journal. One that can serve as your personal plant database while also offering helpful tips on things like pests, fertilizer, making the perfect soil, etc.

Each journal includes over 100 entry pages to document and observe your plants through the lens of an excited and curious botanist while still leaving room for the individual grower!

Each journal includes:

  • Fertilizer tips

  • Pest tips

  • Soil tips

  • pH tips

  • An entry index

  • Over 100 entry pages

  • A garden foldout page

  • A list of recipe cards for your very own soil recipes

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