Life's Library FAQ

Where is the money from my subscription going?

All of the profits from Life’s Library are donated to organizations working to reduce child and maternal mortality rates in Sierra Leone.

    Can I pause my subscription?

    Yes! You now have the option to pause your subscription. Visit the Recharge customer portal or e-mail us at to skip a shipment. 

      How do I cancel my subscription?

      Send an email to We are happy to cancel your subscription at any time, but remember, our customer service is available from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm MST Monday through Friday.

      To ensure you are not charged please check the website a for the cancelation deadline and be sure to contact us before then, or we will have to issue you a refund.

      Remember! Now you can skip a month. If you'd like to pause your subscription e-mail us at

        How do I change my shipping address?

        Your LL subscription is processed through Recharge. You will need to visit your Recharge Customer Portal to change billing or shipping information. You will have received a link to your Customer Portal in an e-mail when you signed up. If you can't find that e-mail e-mail us at and we can help.

          Why can’t I log in to my subscription account on

          The subscription account is separate from the DFTBA store account. Changing your information on will not change it in Recharge.

            If I change my information on, will it change the information for my subscription?

            No, your subscription is processed using Recharge. Please visit your Recharge Customer Portal or e-mail us at to view your subscription profile and change any information.

              Why aren’t the emails getting sent to me?
              • If you are using Gmail check your Promotions folder
              • Check all spam folders
              • Add DFTBA to your contacts
              • If none of those things work please email
                Why can’t I find the podcasts?

                The podcast is uploaded later in the reading period. It may not have been uploaded yet. If it has been uploaded, it will be available in the dropbox folder for the book. You will have received a link to the Dropbox folder in your digital perks e-mail for the current book.

                  Can I switch my subscription from physical to digital?

                  Yes. You can change your subscription from physical to digital at any time.

                    Can I switch my subscription from digital to physical?

                    If subscriptions are open, yes. Subscriptions are made available periodically throughout the year.

                      What do I do if I didn’t get my shipment or if something is missing from it?

                      Email and we can help you out.

                        I have questions about using Discord, who do I direct them to?

                        We have a great Discord team who would be happy to help answer your questions. Please e-mail them at

                          Is it too late to cancel/change my address?

                          If you have received an order confirmation/shipping notification email, yes. Otherwise, you can change your address by visiting your Recharge Customer Portal, or by e-mailing us at

                            Is there a list of future books?

                            No. The subscription is intended to be a surprise. We hope to introduce you to books that you may not have otherwise read, so will only announce them when they are shipped. Don’t worry though: the books are shipped early and the reading period lasts 6 weeks so you will have plenty of time to get the book if you’re buying/borrowing it elsewhere.

                              Where can I see the schedule?

                              If you would like to see a schedule of shipping dates, book announcements, author discussions and more check out this Google Calendar.

                                How are the books chosen?

                                The books are chosen alternately by John Green and Rosianna Halse Rojas. We focus on books published at least several years ago and across many genres. We hope we can introduce you to books you may not otherwise have picked up, and read a diverse range of books together.

                                  Can I join the discussion without a subscription?

                                  Of course! Join the conversation by clicking the link at You will not, however, receive any digital or physical perks.