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by Rob Scallon


1. For a Friend
2. Long Drives & Parking Fees
3. Tamara
4. Nice To Meet You
5. The Western Shore
6. We'll Be Fine
7. Scarves and Sweaters
8. Seems to Me
9. My Father
10. Eventually
11. Ottawa
12. !!??!!??!?! (only on the physical CDs)

Rob Scallon's 4th "full band with lyrics" album.

Chronicling finding love, entering adulthood and a distaste for Chicago's lack of reasonably priced parking.

Physical orders on DFTBA are signed and come with an exclusive track.

This 12th track is only being released on the first run of 150 CDs.

All songs were written & recorded by Rob Scallon with the exception of "Scarves &
Sweaters" which was written by Andrew McShan of EmoSideProject and used with permission.

Mastered by Rob Ruccia of Uptown Recording.