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Calendar with silhouette orange cartoon monkey to left of "Animal Wonders.org” in sans serif font. “Calendar” is wirrten below in sans serif font and fill with brown turtle shell design and tan border. Three images of animals are below: beaver, toucan, and porcupine. On write, “2022” is written vertically with brown turtle shell design fill. Background is a  tan gradient and light tan spiral design with black border - from Animal Wonders
Green parakeet on tree branch bending towards cameras lens, looking at viewer. Gray, blue, and tan colors make up its head. “Ginger, Green-Cheeked Parakeet Pyrrhura Molinae” written in white sans serif font at top right. “Ginger  would love nothign more than to see what you have in your pocket. She hopes it’s a treat!” written in white sans serif font in bottom left. All surrounded by black border - from Animal Wonders

Animal Wonders 2022 Calendar

By: Animal Wonders

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11x8.5" wall calendar with some of your favorite animal ambassadors from Animal Wonders!! You can have Kemosabe, Zeema, and friends join your home or office so you can enjoy them all year long.

As an extra bonus, we've added special birthday and adoption day notes for many of the animal residents. Major holidays included.


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