Arise, Ye Skeleton King! Chapter 1 Book Bundle

Arise, Ye Skeleton King! Chapter 1 Book Bundle

By: Tesladyne

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A band of thieves down on their luck steal find a treasure map to a skeleton king’s buried treasure and everything works out great with no catastrophes whatsoever!

Start the adventure of Arise, Ye Skeleton King! With this Chapter 1 bundle including TWO Sticker Sheets, A troupe logo sticker, a set of THREE 6x9 Prints, and a bookplate signed by the creators! Normally 999$ But on Sale for the INCREDIBLE bargain of only 30$ USD!! WOW! SO MUCH SAVINGS YOU CAN’T PASS THIS UP. IT WOULD LIKELY BE A CRIME SOMEWHERE! AND YOU DON'T WANT TO GET IN TROUBLE. SO NOW YOU’RE LEGALLY* OBLIGATED TO BUY THIS!”

Bundle will include the following items:

● Arise, Ye Skeleton King! Chapter 1 Book
● Skeleton King 2021 Print Set
● Skeleton King 2021 Sticker Sheet
● Troupe Logo Sticker
● Monty's Jobs Sticker Sheet
● Skeleton King Signed Bookplate
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