Bizarre Beasts 2021 Pin Subscription
Bizarre Beasts 2021 Pin Subscription

Bizarre Beasts 2021 Pin Subscription

By: Bizarre Beasts

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Bizarre Beasts is back for year 2 with some new changes and a few surprises coming your way! Please read all of the information below before subscribing.

**If you are already subscribed to the current 2020 pin club, your subscription will automatically renew! No need to make any changes**

  • This is a rolling subscription. You will be charged $13 when you sign up, and will receive the pin corresponding with the current video. You will be charged another $13 for your subscription on the 24th of the month and the 24th of each following month until you cancel.
  • You can cancel any time with no fees.
  • New episodes of Bizarre Beasts go up the first Friday of every month.
  • If you are already subscribed to the pin club, you will get the pin for that month around when the episode goes live. We ship pins about 1 week before the episode.
  • Every month subscriptions will open to new members for about 72 hours after the video goes live.
  • New subscribers will receive their first pin mid-month, and then continue to receive new pins around each new video!
  • All profits are donated to drastically reduce childhood and maternal mortality in Sierra Leone. 
  • Design note: Each month there will be 1-3 different color variations!


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