DFTBA Records: Volume Three
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DFTBA Records: Volume Three

by DFTBA Records

Track List:

1. Don't Let Go by Dave Days
2. Mirrors by Allen Cruz
3. The Fault is in Our Stars by Meghan Tonjes
4. Circuit Us by Driftless Pony Club
5. Summer of '09 by The Caulden Road
6. Start Runnin' It by Matthew Gaydos
7. My Favorite Pony by Hank Green
8. Traveling in Twos by Luke Conard
9. All The Girls Love You by Laurena Segura
10. Reality by Jessica Frech
11. Time to Reply by Charlie McDonnell
12. Dishes by JB Dazen
13. My Hair Goes by Rhett & Link
14. Security by Joseph Birdsong
15. Born Into Money by Raven Zoe
16. Singing About Hating You by Eddplant
17. My Baby Eats Flowers Like They're Salad by Matt Maggiacomo
18. Daydreams by Kaezie
19. Losing a Future by Alex Day

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