Extra Credits Sticker Set
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Extra Credits Sticker Set

by Extra Credits
Some of our favorite characters from Extra Credits are now available as stickers! Slap them on your laptop so people in coffee shops and at game jams understand that you are a person of culture with eclectic tastes. The following characters are part of this sticker set:
  • Gane - As the mascot of Extra Credits, the Game loves creativity, brings joy to every new venture, and has been our constant companion since the show began!
  • Smol Dev - She grew up playing games AND making them, and we're excited to see where Smol Dev's future leads. But today she's just relaxing with her Switch and her D20 bean bag!
  • Fliff Whale - We don't like that developers refer to big spenders in their games as "whales," but we can't help but like the Fliff Whale's rad 80s stylin' and blatant disregard for fiscal responsibility.
  • Heck Sneks - Aww, heck! Yiss! The heck sneks don't have much to say, but they say it a lot and with great enthusiasm. We think they're heckin' adorable.
  • Thorf the Poison Hater - Thorf the Poison Hater is a big bad video game boss who just has one request for you: please don't poison! It's not very nice.