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Hagrid USB Drive
Hagrid USB Drive

Hagrid USB Drive

By: Harry and the Potters

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We stuck our entire discography in Hagrid's beard. It's an 8GB USB drive and it has almost all the music we've released over the past 16 years, including our new album and the companion disc. MP3 and FLAC files included.  

Here’s the list. 
Harry and the Potters (2003) 
Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock (2004) 
Harry and the Potters and the Power of Love (2006) 
Enchanted Ceiling EP (2007) 
In the Cupboard EP (2008) 
Live at the Yule Ball 2008 (2009) 
Live in Stockholm (2011) 
Live at the New York Public Library (2011) 
Priori Incantatem (2009) 
Remixes (2010)
A Wizardly Christmas of Wizardry (2010) 
Hedwig Lives (2015) 
Lumos (2019)
Mostly Camping (2019)
The Harry Potter Boogie (2019)
+ some uncollected compilation appearances

That's the deal. It's all in the beard.   

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