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A dark teal album art background with the text "Harry and the Potters" and the outline of a guitar.

Harry and the Potters - S/T CD

By: Harry and the Potters

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The first wizard rock CD! Featuring the hit songs "Save Ginny Weasley" and " Wizard Chess."



  1. I am a Wizard
  2. Platform 9 and ¾
  3. The Dark Lord Lament
  4. Fluffy
  5. Wizard Chess
  6. Problem Solving Skillz
  7. Back to School
  8. The Foil (Malfoy)
  9. Follow the Spiders
  10. Save Ginny Weasley
  11. 2 Weeks to Myself
  12. Gryffindor Rocks
  13. The Firebolt
  14. My Teacher is a Werewolf
  15. The Godfather
  16. The Fourth Triwizard Champion
  17. The Yule Ball
  18. These Days are Dark


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