Incongruent (Clean Version)
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Incongruent (Clean Version)

by Hank Green

After two years, Hank Green's fourth studio album is a real thing...this time with a real-live actual band: The Perfect Strangers (Rob Scallon, Joe DeGeorge, and Andrew Huang). Incongruent wanders all around the rock spectrum from ska to punk to pop to indie to maybe even a little metal. This version doesn't have any naughty words, nor bleeped words, the songs actually have different lyrics.

Track List:

1. I Love Science
2. T-Shirt and Jeans
3. Hug Scream
4. Mother Pheasant Plucker
5. Marilyn Hanson
6. The Universe is Weird
7. Gangnam Style (Full English Translation)
8. I'd Rather
9. Oh JK Rowling
10. Undigested Lump
11. Favorite Pony
12. Video Game Books
13. Accio Deathly Hallows (punk version)
14. Perfect Strangers


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