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A dark blue zip up hoodie with white drawstrings. “JoCo Cruise 2022” is in white sans serif font in the top right of the hoodie - from JoCo Cruise

2022 Embroidered Hoodie

By: JoCo Cruise

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Wanna know a secret? In the evenings, even in the Caribbean it can actually get a little cold and blustery outside. But you don't have to huddle in your cabin fearing the elements; stand strong against mildly cooler temperatures with the JoCo Cruise 2022 zip-up hoodie! Now your torso, arms and head can remain comfortable and protected while you gaze at the stars and the moon reflecting in the waves. Jam your hands in the convenient front pockets for extra hoodie style and coziness! (NOTE: may also be worn in non-JoCo Cruise situations!)


Embroidered on Independent Trading Co. Fabric

80% Cotton / 20% Polyester

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