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Maxine Miles Volume 1

Maxine Miles Volume 1

By: Atypical Artists

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From now until the end of 2023, anyone who purchases Maxine Miles Volume I and sends their receipt to will get a 20% discount on an Atypipal annual plan!

Put your sleuth hat on for this complete script from the first season of Maxine Miles by Atypical Artists. This 299 page PDF features art from the show and never before seen acting directions.


It’s the fall of 1997 in Hastings, New Hampshire and autumn is the time of year this small town shines. Apple cider, pumpkin patches, farmer’s’s idyllic New England. Picturesque, plaid-filled, and, for fifteen-year-old, Maxine Miles, plodding.

Suddenly, Max’s school year starts to look a bit more interesting when a fellow student vanishes. With the help of her misanthropic classmate, Ross, Max starts to look into the disappearance. Her investigation draws her deep into the dark woods around Hastings and even deeper into the secrets and lies that course through the veins of this sleepy town. 

When Maxine Miles first premiered in 2022, listeners had to choose between three potential endings. The most popular choice became the official, canon ending of Volume I - that is the ending you'll read here.

**This download includes one 299 page pdf.
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