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A book with a blue monochrome image of a cloaked figure standing in an open field with a lone tree, mountains in the distance, and a stormy sky. “Patrick Rothfuss” is at the top in white serif font. “The Name of the Wind” is in orange serif font at the bottom in various sizing - from Super Carlin Brothers

Name of the wind Book Club (Digital Perks Only)

By: Super Carlin Brothers

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Hello Friends! Welcome to J and Ben's newest fandom obsession: The Kingkiller Chronicles which kicks off with Name of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss). This story gives us the same kind of escape to a new world that we've found with the Harry Potter series. The story features incredible and AIR TIGHT world building and is JAM PACKED with tiny details that are ripe for theorizing. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

Bundle includes:
- Ben + J's exclusive podcast review of Books 1 and 2
- 2 downloadable bookmarks

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