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Not All Disabilities Are Visible Sticker Set

Not All Disabilities Are Visible Sticker Set

By: Annika Victoria

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Three stickers 3.75" wide.

Dealing with physical or mental health challenges is difficult enough on its own, without also having nosey people question both you and the validity of your illness! Unfortunately most people with invisible illnesses and disabilities face a constant barrage of questions from “you’re too young to be disabled”, “but you don’t look sick” to the ever-favourite “why don’t you just go and take a walk outside?” and “oh my cousin had X, this is how they cured themselves”. This is a handy sticker to place anywhere you want to remind people that you’re fighting a battle that is not necessarily visible on the outside, or to place somewhere that’s only visible to yourself, to remind you that your challenges are valid. Plus it’s super cute and a great accessory to jazz up any boring space.

Stickers are printed in the US. They are vinyl, long-lasting and weatherproof, meaning they’re perfect to stick on mobility aids as well.

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