Snatoms X Complete Kit

Snatoms X Complete Kit

By: Veritasium

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Snatoms are a molecular modeling kit where the atoms snap together magnetically. 

The idea with Snatoms is simple - to make the best hands-on molecular modeling kit. Snatoms are an improvement over traditional ball and stick models for three reasons:

  1. They make forming and breaking apart molecules a snap
  2. The models are a better representation of what molecules actually look like, and
  3. You can feel the attraction between atoms

New and improved, the Complete Kit now allows stronger magnetic bonding than ever before. Small holes in the flat surfaces allow the magnets to touch, dramatically increasing the bonding force and allowing for the creation of much larger molecules.

The Snatoms X Complete Kit includes 26 Hydrogen, 12 Carbon, 6 Oxygen, 4 Nitrogen, 2 2-sided Sulfur, 2 6-sided Sulfur, 2 3-sided Phosphorus, 2 5-sided Phosphorus, 2 Bromine, 2 Chlorine, 2 Alkali Metal, and 12 Double/Triple Bonds. This is our best value Snatoms kit.

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