Songs To Wear Pants To

Songs To Wear Pants To

By: Andrew Huang

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Track list:

1. Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows
2. Zombie Ninjas
3. We Are the Robot Pirates
4. O, Moustache
5. Fishcat Catfish
6. Crunk Juice
7. We Photocopy Our Body Parts
8. Tetris
9. Gravy & Toast
10. Latin + Rap
11. Pants Shirts
12. Valuable Life Lessons
13. Celtic Techno Burrito
14. Never Been in Love
15. Bow Down to My Pwnzorness I Guess
16. Death Metal
17. Shoot the Zombies
18. Horseman
19. This Girl
20. Half Your Recommended Daily Intake of Fat
21. How to Upgrade the Components on Your Mogrificating Desambongulizer
22. Haircuts, They Are So Magical
23. Muskrat for Lunch
24. Megabytes & Gigabytes Freestyle
25. Dear Katie, Thanks for Letting Me Borrow Your Ukulele
26. Lightwolf, Defender of the Tender Tundra
27. Every Activity and Facet of My Existence That Does Not Involve Music
28. It's Too Loud (Extended Version)
29. Step in 2 Tha Barber-Hop Hip-Shop
30. Beware the Sea Anenemone
31. Superman vs. Spiderman
32. Evil Pickle vs. Everyone
33. The Story of Snesly Wipes
34. Guitar
35. Crepes et Baguettes
36. Possessed
37. The Little Mermaid
38. Polka Loca
39. I Empty My Baby
40. A Working Song Wherin Every Word is in Alphabetical Order Beginning with 'A' and For An Added Bonus I Try To Work My Way Back To 'A' Once I Reach 'Z'
41. Rename Your Rabbit
42. A Bug Fell in Love With a Cat
43. Dinosaurs Are Sweet
44. Armadillo Potato Love
45. Jenny
46. Gniht Elohw Eht Esrever
47. See-Through Grumpy Unicorns
48. Sexy Questions
49. All You Need is a Little Pancreas
50. Emmy Emmy Go Go Go
51. Eddsworld
52. There's Nothing Between Us Anymore
53. I Promise You From the Bottem Heart
54. Reverse Escargot
55. Underage Stalkers
56. Muffin Puffin
57. The Touchtone Genuis
58. I am a Sad Sad Toaster Made of Glass
59. I am Bjork
60. I am the First Fifty Digits of Pi
61. I am a Tree
62. I am an Ewok
63. I am an Educated Fish
64. I am Having Your Babies
65. Toenails
66. Toenails 

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