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Teferi Can Go Tuck Himself Shirt
Teferi Can Go Tuck Himself Shirt

Teferi Can Go Tuck Himself Shirt

By: Tolarian Community College

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We ended up with some extra Teferi shirts! If you wanted one but missed them the first time, now is your chance! 

Tuck is an informal term used in Magic: The Gathering which means to put cards on the bottom of their owner's library, or shuffle them into owner's library. And as anyone who has ever played against Teferi knows....Teferi can go tuck himself. Now you can not only show off how you feel about Teferi and his tuck ability, but help a good cause as well!  You can purchase these 'Teferi Can Go Tuck Himself' shirts, illustrated by the amazing Ishton and developed on conjunction with Jamie Topples.  50% of all profits go towards the charity organization "The Trevor Project" which is a fantastic organization offering support for LGBTQ youth in crisis. You can learn more about the Trove Project here:

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