The Early Singles

The Early Singles

By: The Caulden Road

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Limited Edition of 750!
1. Shine
2. Summer of '09 (feat. Meghan Tonjes)
3. Transistor

4. Transistor (The Michael Aranda Remix)
5. Summer of '09 (The Midnight Mix)

This compilation gathers the early singles originally released by The Caulden Road between April 2011 and December 2012.

This compilation features slightly updated tracks. To improve the sound quality we went back to the original multitrack sessions to re-mix and remaster each track. With these new 2015 mixes we were able to achieve three to four decibels of additional dynamic range, smooth out EQ, and improve the overall fidelity of each track. We used a new analog summing box to master each track and I can’t stress enough how much fuller, warmer, and crank-able these new 2015 mixes are!