The Fault in Our Stars Audiobook Box Set
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The Fault in Our Stars Audiobook Box Set

by John Green



A note from John Green:

Even though The Fault in Our Stars is narrated by a 16-year-old girl, Hazel Lancaster, hundreds of you lobbied for me to read an audiobook version even though I am a 35-year-old man. I, meanwhile, wanted there to be a proper audiobook read by a qualified (and female!) narrator. I worked with a director at Brilliance Audio in choosing the extraordinary Kate Rudd to narrate the REAL audiobook for The Fault in Our Stars. Kate’s rehearsal tape sounded so much like Hazel that I knew immediately she was the perfect Hazel.

HOWEVER: I heard the many of you who’ve asked me to read you this story, and thanks to the generosity and creativity of my audiobook publisher, THIS WILL INDEED BE POSSIBLE A THIRD TIME.

This limited-release, third edition box set is available only at and only, as the saying goes, while supplies last.

The box set includes:

- Six CDs of me reading The Fault in Our Stars.
- A wristband for The Hectic Glow, a band so beautifully underground that they don’t even exist. (bright orange, different from those received in 1st and 2nd edition box sets)
- An awesome concert ticket for The Hectic Glow, a concert so epic that it never technically occurred.
- Four TFiOS-themed postcards designed by nerdfighters that you can send to your friend to brag that you own the John Green-narrated audiobook and they don’t.
- Three TFiOS-themed stickers, designed by the ever-talented Risa Rodil.
- A set of four TFiOS buttons, also designed by Risa (did we mention how talented she is?)
- Also, all 3,000 copies are–get this–UNSIGNED.

Just a reminder, there will be no digital version, and this won’t be for sale elsewhere, because I don’t want it to compete with the real audiobook.

Best wishes,