The Penumbra Podcast Season 3 Soundtrack

The Penumbra Podcast Season 3 Soundtrack

By: The Penumbra Podcast

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The season is over, but now you can take the music of The Penumbra Podcast wherever you go! Music by Ryan Vibert, except for the songs by our exceptional guest artists (credited below).
Juno Tracks:

1. A Thief Without a Name (extended)
2. Happy Juno’s Birthday
3. Any Day Now
Written and performed by Anjimile
4. More trouble than I’m worth
5. The Model Ritas
6. A patchwork woman
7. Take your advice
8. Play it again, S.A.M.M. (violin cover)
Performed by Sue Buzzard
9. Director W
10. At least I’ve got you

Second Citadel Tracks:

11. Little Leafling
12. The Emotional Resonator
13. A piece of the Wayward East
14. The Vigilant He
15. The First Citadel
16. Sir Galahad the Great
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