The Ride Home
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The Ride Home

by Rob Scallon

Track list:

1. To Sam, From Jaco
2. Run On Sentences
3. This Week
4. 17 Seconds of My 16th Year
5. Could I Say Something
6. Regret
7. Switch Places
8. April is the Cruelest Month
9. Everyway is North
10. Shy
11. For That Second
12. and so it begins… again
13. I Should Spend More Time With You
14. Harmonic Nostalgia
15. The Ride Home
16. Waiting

All instruments and lyrics written and recorded by Rob Scallon with the exceptions of

Robin Quinn – Vocals on “April is the Cruelest Month” (written and recorded)
Bryan Bednarek – Vocals and Guitar on “April is the Cruelest Month” (written and recorded)
Jonathan Lidsky – Bass on “Could I Say Something” (written and recorded)
Marta Letke – Vocals on “Could I Say Something” (written and recorded)
Jake Mandozzi – Violin on “Shy” (recorded)
Amy Budzicz – Viola on “Shy” (recorded)
Collin Doruff – Cello on “Shy” (recorded)

 All audio was home recorded with the exceptions of:

Stage Banter on “To Sam, From Jaco” – recorded at Clearwater Theater
Beginning percussion on “and so it begins… again.” – audio taken from clips of rollerblading with Rick Pecora at Glenview and Euclid skate park

Mastered by: Amo Sound
Produced by: Rob Scallon