The Winter's Months
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The Winter's Months

by Rob Scallon

Track list:

1. Amy's Song
2. This Week 2
3. Faithful
4. Short Song
5. Iilwy
6. Letters From Boston
7. You Don't Know How Precious You Are
8. Disposable
9. Iowan Bird
10. The Winter's Months

Rob Scallon ­ Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Bass, Fretless
Bass, Drums, Piano, Keyboard, Vocals, Cymbol Throwing, Sugar Shaking/Pouring
Amy Budzicz – Viola
Collin Doruff – Cello
Jake Mandozzi – Violin
Robin Quinne – Vocals

All music and lyrics written by Rob Scallon
All audio was home recorded.

Produced and engineered by: Rob Scallon
Mastered by: Rob Ruccia of Uptown Recording

Cover photo by: Paula Bielnicka