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  • Thoth Provoking Tote Bag
  • Thoth Provoking Tote Bag

Thoth Provoking Tote Bag

by CrashCourse
How do you say Thoth? Do you pronounce the THs interdentally, like thought? Or are you more of a hard T kinda person who prefers to ignore H whenever possible?

Whichever way you lean, this new bag is sure to make you happy. You can be with the first camp and tell your friends about your new Thoth Provoking Crash Course bag. Or you can be from the second, and brag about your fancy Tote Tote. Best of both worlds!

• 10.0 oz.
• 100% cotton canvas
• Environmentally friendly, partially made of recycled cotton
• 22" contrasting color webbing handles

Size: 15" x 14.5" x 3"