Video Girl
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Video Girl

by Venetian Princess


1. 7 Things [Guys Don't Have To Do] [Parody of “7 Things” By Miley Cyrus]
2. I Kissed A Girl [Elderly Remix] [Parody of “I Kissed A Girl” By Katy Perry]
3. Jonas Brothers Addict Anthem
4. Womanizer [Parody of "Womanizer" By Britney Spears]
5. A Miley Cyrus Christmas
6. Let's Beat Miley
7. Octo Mom Song [Parody of “Low” By Flo Rida]
8. Brangelina, Adopt Me Too
9. Vegetarian Vampire [Twilight Parody]
10. Outer Space [Parody of "Poker Face" By Lady Gaga]

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