Zebadiah Zebra Pants 12
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Zebadiah Zebra Pants 12" Vinyl

by Mike Falzone

Track List:

1. Where Were You Guys For 11 Years?
2. How To Break Up (With Dionne) In The City
3. The Second Weirdest Person In the World
4. Looking For a Pick
5. Looking Through Them All
6. Captain Planet
7. Run This Scene
8. Zebadiah Zebra Pants
9. I'm Nervous To Play This Song (Set Your Booty On Fire)
10. Everybody Has A Boyfriend
11. I Look Like The Mall Food Court Version of Jesus
12.The Way She Walks (Ft. Meghan Tonjes & Jason Munday)
13. You've Got Me Thinking
14. Bitch Fortuneteller
15. Cell Phone
16. I Would Have Sex With Justin Timberlake
17. This Is Gonna Be Awesome