VGHS Logo crest sticker, Shotbot head sticker, V logo sticker, Vote for Ki sticker, and Pizza Dunx sticker. Also includes a Video Game High School bumper sticker.
Sticker of a blue can that has a logo of a pizza with the words, "PIZZA DUNX" and a slice of pepperoni pizza coming out of the top.
Sticker of a grey robot smiling with red and green eyes.
Circular sticker with the words "VOTE FOR KI" with yellow stars.
Two tone bumper sticker with royal blue on top and yellow on bottom. Includes VGHS crest on the left in an official circular emblem with large text on the right, "Video Game High School Perficis Conpeto Dominari"
V logo sticker with VGHS in yellow and blue enamel and light blue V so it looks like a varsity letter.
Sticker in the shape of a shield to resemble the VGHS Crest with it's pixelated designs in each of the four corners.

VGHS Sticker Pack

By: Video Game High School

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Rock out with this sweet selection of stickers from the VGHS universe.

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