Creepy Logo Dark Grey Tee

Creepy Logo Dark Grey Tee

By: Creepy

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Dare to wear the mark of The Creepy Podcast?

This shirt will send chills down the spine of anyone who lays eyes on it. Adorned with the unsettling logo from the hit horror podcast, it's a surefire way to unsettle your friends and intrigue strangers.

Are you brave enough to don this ominous garment? The twisted design will send shivers down the spine of anyone who lays eyes on it. Just be warned - some have reported strange occurrences after donning this tee as if the darkness of the podcast seeps into the wearer.

So if you have a taste for the macabre and a strong constitution, add this sinister shirt to your wardrobe. But sleep with one eye open, for you never know what entities may be drawn to its haunting visage...


Printed on 100% Cotton Bella + Canvas tee

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