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Definitely the Ludo Bundle

Definitely the Ludo Bundle

By: Potterless

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Inspired by what is definitely Mike's most infamous failed prediction on Potterless, this bundle definitely will help you show your love for the claim that it was "definitely Ludo Bagman." You'll definitely want to add all of these wallpapers to your devices, the only problem is deciding which one you definitely want to rock the most.

This bundle definitely includes:

  • 3 ringtones
    • Clipped from episode 23, Mike’s most infamous moment can be your ringtone!
    • It's Definitely Ludo Bagman Ringtone
    • I Bet It's Ludo Bagman Text tone
  • 3 mobile wallpapers (Android & iPhone)
    • Definitely Ludo Poster Design
    • Ludo Bagman Red Herring
    • Violently Purple Ludo Bagman
  • 4 desktop wallpapers
    • Ludo Bagman Red Herring
    • Ludo Bagman Red Herring Offset
    • Violently Purple Ludo Bagman
    • Violently Purple Ludo Bagman Offset
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