The cover of a book shows a sepia image of a car dashboard and a desert landscape with a man walking down the road. The title reads "The New American Road Trip Mixtape" by Brendan Leonard. From Semi Rad.
The back of the book The New American Road Trip Mixtape has a description and photo of Brendan Leonard.

The New American Road Trip Mixtape

By: Semi Rad

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When your life plan explodes, you ask yourself the big questions: What do I really need in life? How can I make my life a work of art? Should I buy a house? Have kids? What is a life?

Following in Kerouac and Steinbeck's tire tracks, a 32-year-old, post-breakup Brendan Leonard hits the road in search of healing and a new, post-economic-downturn American Dream. Sleeping in the back of a beat-up station wagon, he seeks answers—and hopefully, the occasional shower—in the postcard-worthy places of the American West.

Part ballad to the romance of the road and part heart-searching treatise on the American Dream, The New American Road Trip Mixtape is Leonard's raw, often hilarious, barstool storytelling at its best.
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