April 1, 2024: News Release



April 1, 2024 - Contact: Hank Green
Crypto Influencer

The Future is Now: DFTBA to Rebrand as NFTBA

MISSOULA, Montana – Crypto influencer and corn dog enthusiast Hank Green announced Monday that DFTBA Records, the company he co-founded nearly 16 years ago, would rebrand as NFTBA, effective immediately. The announcement coincided with the launch of a commemorative, limited run NFTBA Ditcoin to mark the occasion. The company also plans to begin accepting select cryptocurrencies as payment methods at checkout.

“You’re either leading or following in this industry,” said Green. “NFTs are cutting edge! At least they were a couple years ago. Look, I don’t pay that much attention, but the NFTBA pun just seemed too good to pass up on.”

The commemorative Ditcoin, which was commissioned by NFTBA and designed by local death metal guitarist Matt Gowin, went through more than 30 revisions over the course of six months.  “It will be my life’s legacy,” said Gowin. 

Only 300 coins have been minted. They will sell for $14.79. Industry analysts predict the value of the coin could increase by two or three cents over the next decade. 

For customers (and employees) confused by this announcement, NFTBA has produced a brief Q&A below about this cutting edge next step. Further information will be forthcoming over the next few days. All inquiries should be directed to nftba@dftba.com.

Wait, is this an NFT? Is this a new cryptocurrency? Yes. 

Are we three years too late to this party? You bet we are.

Isn’t cryptocurrency mined? Where are you mining? Yes! Please see the image below. We have a full fledged operation!

I’m still confused. Does John know about this? Maybe. He has a lot going on right now. Have you seen his new TB lecture on Crash Course?

I’ve never heard of a physical NFT. Isn’t this just a coin? Don’t real NFTs have digital signatures?


Can I trade this on an exchange? According to Wikipedia, “The ownership of an NFT is recorded in the blockchain and can be transferred by the owner, allowing NFTs to be sold and traded.”

So yes? Maybe. Look, we don’t really get it either. 

Are you for real?…yeah…sure we are…

I’d like to pay for the coin using Bitcoin but don’t see that option at checkout.

Check back on April 2. 

Are you guys still selling regular merch?

Yes, glad you asked! In memory of the DFTBA name, we have launched 2 NEW products: