Mission Statement

Hello, I’m Hank. I started DFTBA.com with my friend Alan Lastufka back in 2010. We felt like people wanted merchandise from YouTube creators, but we were unsatisfied with the quality of products and support other companies were offering. We wanted to help creators create full time, and we wanted to make sure that fans and communities could get high quality, cool stuff without any hassle or confusion.

We want to help creative people make a living doing the work they love. And, of course, we want their customers and communities to have the best possible experience and receive products they’ll love.

We’ve been doing that for five years now. We’ve helped dozens of creators fund their productions and go full time with their work. We’ve also paid out over $400,000 to fan-art creators who designed products for our creators without anyone ever asking them to.

If you want to learn more about how we operate behind the scenes, check out The Warehouse on YouTube.

Hank Green
September 2014