Mission Statement

Creators and Communities

DFTBA.com helps creators make a living with high-quality products and service for their communities and supporters. Every creator, every product, and every sale matters.

Why Do We Do This?

Back in 2008, when I started this company with my friend Alan, it was a kinda weird idea that people would buy albums and shirts and posters from people on the internet. As we’ve grown, we’ve worked with (and continue to work with) some of the biggest creators in online media.

But we also are still a small team that takes every transaction seriously because this company is run by creators and we know that the most important relationship is between the creator and their community. DFTBA cares about that relationship first, which is why every transaction and every product matters so much to us.

We want people to be able to show their excitement and enthusiasm, and we want as many people to be able to create professionally as possible. We are fans and creators as well.

Every Product

We think about product development every day. Once you get into it, it’s easy to get obsessed. How consistent is a shirt’s sizing? Are we looking for a heavier weight, durable shirt, or a lighter, softer fabric? Who are our suppliers, and do they treat their employees and the environment well?

We think about these things with every product we make, and we’re even able to directly oversee certain stages of production. There’s nothing like watching a dream you had become a reality. We also work with fan artists who never knew their product would become real. We make sure that every fan artist receives a royalty for every sale they make to thank them for their enthusiasm and skill.

Every Customer

Just as creators are nothing without their communities, we are nothing without our customers. We take that responsibility extremely seriously. Of course, sometimes things go wrong. You might get the wrong size, or a package may be lost, and when those things happen we do everything we can to make it right as quickly as possible. Our customer support team is always working to make sure things are going right, especially when they go wrong.

Every Creator

The internet has made “professional creator” a much more common job and that’s extremely exciting and selling cool stuff to communities is something every creator can do to help support their work. That doesn’t mean that every creator belongs at DFTBA.com. We work with mid- to large-level creators because that’s where our model works best. We keep stock on hand (rather than print on demand) and strive to send the highest possible cut to the creators we work with in order to support them.

The only thing more important than that to us is that the customers are well supported, because, ultimately, we know that every creator we work with cares more about their community than their paycheck, that’s why they’re so great at what they do.


Hank Green

June 2018