We're happy to work with a range of creators and offer an incredibly wide variety of products customized to you! Don't believe us? Here's what some of our creators are saying! 


DFTBA is easily the best team we've ever worked with. They're quick to respond, willing to work with us on whatever our merch ideas are, and give us plenty of feedback whenever we ask. We've gotten offers from other companies but we're sticking with DFTBA because of their amazing team and the great work that they do.

 - Drawfee 


We've really enjoyed working with DFTBA. They're so responsive, so thoughtful and really care about making sure our listeners get great stuff they'll love.

 - The McElroy Brothers (MBMBAM, The Adventure Zone, Sawbones, and many more!) 


I held back and shopped around for a long time before deciding who I would do merchandising with, and I'm so glad I went with DFTBA. The staff is has been open, friendly and responsive, as well as helpful at developing designs, all while delivering a higher quality product than you find at most other companies.

 - Lindsay Ellis


DFTBA is exactly the kind of company I was looking to work with for distributing merchandise. They are both flexible and fair in how they operate, and they've always been a pleasure to correspond with when I've had specific and potentially unusual requests. I've never had to worry about the minutia of customer management, and feel confident my channel's brand is maintained well under their site.

 - Grant Sanderson, 3Blue1Brown