Black hoodie with white laces and light blue question mark in center of design - from DFTBA Records
Four various sweatshirt designs that are a part of DFTBA mystery sweatshirt sale - from DFTBA Records

DFTBA Mystery Sweatshirt

By: DFTBA Records

Regular price $9.00 Sale $18.00

We have a handful of older hoodies and sweatshirts from several of our creators that don't seem to fit anywhere else, so we decided the most fun way to clear them out would be to do it roulette-style! Plus we just added a bunch of Pizzamas past hoodies to the mix! You give us a size, we reach into our box and you get whatever hoodie comes out! 

Sorry, but we can't take requests. These are all limited edition and will not be reprinted!

We'll do our best to mix it up as much as possible, but if you order more than one, there is still a chance you may get duplicates.

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