A green CD depicting a ghostly Hedwig the owl in flight. The CD is halfway out of a CD sleeve that shows a mythical camping scene and reads "Harry and the Potters."

Mostly Camping CD

By: Harry and the Potters

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Companion CD to the Harry and the Potters’ latest album, "Lumos." During the year we spent working on "Lumos," we wrote over 30 new songs. Some of them never made it past the demo stage. Some of them aren't that great. But some of them are really good and probably even could have found a place on the final album. We've compiled our favorite 11 tracks from all those demo and home recording sessions into a companion disc, which follows the events of Book 7 in a fashion similar to our new record. These are 11 entirely different songs from the 16 new songs on "Lumos." Overall, they sound a little more raw and a few are on the goofier side – kind of like a classic HATP album.

1. No Hero’s Journey
2. The Great Motorcycle Explosion of '97 (Hedwig Lives)
3. Hermione’s Cool Bag 
4. Old Magic School
5. Accio Fish
6. Godric’s Hollow 
7. Bathilda
8. Sword of Gryffindor
9. The Fallen
10. Hallows or Horcruxes 
11. Alive
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