Front and back of Pi Day 2022 bronze coin. Front: A cartoon drawing of a triangle. "In trigonometry we trust 3.14 dollars” is written around the triangle in handwritten font, surrounded by a circle of music notes and bars.  Back: “Pi Day 2022 Chromatic Challenge Winner” is written in serif font on back in warped text surrounded by a circle of music notes and bars.

Pi Chromatic Challenge - Metal Coin and Digital Download

By: Vi Hart

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Challenge yourself to read through the first 314 chromatic digits of Pi, provided in the included digital download, and earn your Chromatic Challenge Coin. This coin is minted in antique copper colored metal, and is 1.5 inches in diameter (or, if you prefer, 1.9 cm in radius), and celebrates whatever level of the challenge you decide to set for yourself, whether it be to read through perfectly, to read through with expression but accept mistakes, or to learn the basics of what these ten notes are on whatever instrument you have available.

Available clefs include Treble, Bass, Alto, Tenor, and Guitar Tabs, or all of the above. Treble clef has two octave options, with 1 = middle C or 1 = an octave above middle C. You can adapt this exercise to any instrument that has these ten chromatic notes: B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, and G#. 

To get the downloadable files, add your preferred clef to your cart via the popup on this page.

Orders close at the end of March.

This coin is 1.5" wide.

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