A set of 2 bookmarks showing the front and back designs. The bookmarks lay atop of a stack of books on a desk. From Answer in Progress.
A bookmark with the front design displayed. The design features fields for readers to write about the book being read.
A bookmark with the back design displayed. The design features a reading tracker for readers to mark days they read.
A bookmark that has been written on is placed inside a book atop a desk.
A set of 2 bookmarks showing the front and back designs. From Answer in Progress.

Reading in Progress Bookmark (Pack of 5)

By: Answer In Progress

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Track your reading frequency and record your thoughts with this bookmark designed by Sabrina.

The front features a checkout card-like system for you to record the title and author(s) in case the bookmark gets separated from the book (or you don't own a physical copy). You can record the day you started and if/when you complete the book. You can also jot down any notes and colour in a rating out of 5 stars. There's an additional set of dates and notes in case you re-read the book and want to see how your opinions have changed on the same bookmark.

The back features a 364 day tracker so you can visualize the length and frequency with which you read the book.

Each bookmark is intended for use with one book. You can collect your bookmarks overtime and tangibly track your reading, or you can keep the bookmark with its book as a memento for the next time you flip through your library.

  • pack of 5 bookmarks with design on front and the back
  • 2" x 6" bookmark with rounded corners
  • 14pt uncoated cardstock, perfect for you to write on!
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