One side of cat plushie is blue with two legs at the bottom and a tail. Two white eyes with black outline with pupils looking in opposite direction. Face has mouth, nose, and whiskers. Two ears are at top with pink triangles. Other side is yellow with same details, but eyes have X’s in them and tongue is hanging out of mouth - from Physics Girl

Schrodinger's Cat Plushie

By: Physics Girl

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Schrödinger’s thought experiment had 2 outcomes, a dead cat or an alive cat… until NOW. With the help of this floofy friend, we can see (and cuddle!) the theoretical concept of Cat in a superposition of alive AND dead. Sure, this cat isn’t a “quantum system” and yes, maybe the quantum world works more mysteriously than a soft, plush two-sided work of art, but we can all agree that this physics-y feline is an apt and adorable reminder of the complexity of our universe.

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*Not for children under 4 years old.

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